Oxford Hall, Oxford Street, Leigh WN7 1NE  UK

The breaking of the bread

Bible-based talks

We invite you to come and observe the Biblical ‘Breaking of the Bread’ (also known as Communion or the Remembrance), as outlined in Acts 2:42.

The service lasts from 10:45 am to approximately 11:45 am every Sunday and consists of the Breaking of the Bread and a time of worship.

After a break, the church spends time together in prayer.

Occasionally on a Wednesday there are Bible-based presentations. These sessions run from 7:00-7:45 pm and include a 15-minute time of community singing before a 30-minute talk.

Refreshments are available upon arrival.

Bible study and teaching

Also on Wednesday evenings, we hold a Bible study or teaching session. This runs for about an hour.